Support Women in Management

Posted in — Methods > Policy
November 2, 2021
Ide Gesi S9

In order to increase diversity, women in leadership roles need assistance and guidance and encouragement from those currently leading organizations.

Research shows us that women are less likely to obtain a position in leadership than men. Moreover, women in management positions often find themselves facing higher levels of criticism, longer hours, and additional duties. As such, organizations must find ways to invite diversity into their executive pipeline and remove key barriers faced by women once they get there. We have curated a robust set of tools to help create an environment that supports women in management positions.


This TED talk given by Susan Fleming introduces the importance of reducing gender bias in workplace cultures through anecdotes of her own experiences working in the male-dominated world of finance. This talk provides a strong introduction to the key barriers that often prevent women from reaching management positions and the ways we can reduce them.