Methods include policies, assessment, and training that companies can use to mainstream equality, diversity, and inclusion into their workplace. Choose from one of the three topics below to view the suite of tools and solutions.

Topics — Policy Assessment Training

Whether you are creating policies to mainstream gender into your organization or updating existing policies to better align with your mainstreaming goals, our toolkit provides a set of solutions to help you on your journey.

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Bolster the Recruitment of Women

In order to achieve diversity in hiring, we have to modify traditional HR practices by reviewing procedures for bias and encourage recruitment using alternative channels that widen the candidate pool.

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Building a Technical Future of Work that Works for Women

Provide protection against cyberbullying and online harassment while supporting girls and women in choosing the technology sector as a career.

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Powering Men as Parents

Workplaces should promote and enable men to take on childcare responsibilities.

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Promote Work-Life Balance

Both men and women can benefit from policies that provide support for families as well as clearly mapping out employees’ opportunities and pathways for advancement.

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Equal Pay for Equal Work

Pay transparency and creating a bias-free employment pipeline can address the pay gap that still exists between women and men performing the same jobs.

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Support Women in Management

In order to increase diversity, women in leadership roles need assistance and guidance and encouragement from those currently leading organizations.

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Prevent and End Gender-based Violence and Harassment in the Workplace

Tools such as clear policies on harassment, an independent ombudsperson, and demonstrated leadership commitment to a culture of zero-tolerance can help your organization establish a harassment-free environment.