Access to Resources

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November 7, 2021
Ide Gesi C20

While getting resources is important, it’s even more imperative that the resources be useful, verifiable, and worthwhile.

With the wealth of information (and misinformation), available online for gender mainstreaming topics, it can be important for gender specialist teams to curate that information and provide a set of resources for their organization and their partners to utilise when needed. One organization we spoke with did just that and found that having gender mainstreaming content available for staff helped in several ways.

First, there was the ability for staff to access gender mainstreaming content that was most relevant to them at the time that they needed it. Webinars, training, and conference sessions are available for employees who recently on-boarded into the organization to get up to speed on the organization’s gender policy and processes and tools and resources for specific areas of interest to non-gender specialists are also provided by topic. Second, they were able to highlight specific gender mainstreaming issues that were particularly top of mind at the moment. For example, they were able to provide their COVID-19 Gender Response along with a list of resources for employees and program partners who needed to make changes to address the gendered impact of the virus on their programs and interventions.

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